We can prepare your fish to your requirements. These are some of our basic preparation methods.


Flat Fish Fillets

Fresh fish filleterWe cut 2 fillets from a flat fish (plaice, lemon sole etc.) or “cross cut” fillets as it’s known in the trade; that means you will have one fillet from the top side of the fish and another one from the underneath.

Round Fish Fillets

We cut two fillets from a round fish (cod, haddock, bass etc.); that’s one from either side of the fish.

Scaled & Pinboned

This preparation is almost always carried out on fillets (cod, haddock, etc.). This involves de-scaling the skin side of the fillet and removing the small line of bones known as “pinbones”. These are removed by cutting a “V” section either side of the bones, except for salmon and wild sea bass where the bones are big enough to pull out individually with pliers.


This means as it says; some customers like the skin removed from their white fish fillets (cod, haddock etc.).

Scaled & Gutted

Whole fish such as sea bass or gilt head sea bream will need to be gutted and have their scales and gills removed.