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smoked fish


For centuries the Cornish fishing industry, and Newlyn in particular, has been famous for the curing of Sprat, Pilchard, Sardine, Mackerel and Herring. We continue this age-old process by curing and smoking many types of white and oily fish.

We're really proud of the quality of our smoked seafoods. All our smoked fish is free of any additives or colouring. We use only oak chippings and salt to produce the very best of flavours and colour. 

If you have something that you would like us to smoke, call us now on 01726-861666; we'd be pleased to help!

How We Smoke and Cure our Fish

Fish has been salted and smoked for hundreds of years. Before refrigeration this was one of the main ways of preserving food; today smoking is a ''flavour enhancing'' process, with an eye to longer shelf life.  Whether it's Haddock, Herring, Salmon, Sea Trout, Mackerel or any other specie, we always use the finest freshest fish when smoking, as it creates a better flavour. We never use any other additives or dyes, only salt and oak chippings.

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Regularly Available

Cod's Roe
Haddock Fillets
Halibut fillets
Mussels in their shells
Prawns shell on

Salmon Irish Organic ready trimmed
Salmon Irish Organic long sliced
Salmon Scottish ready trimmed
Salmon Scottish "D" cut
Salmon Scottish long sliced
Salmon Scottish Hot smoked
Seafood Platter
Trout Hot smoked Skinless



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